Custom Wizard Dragon Claw Staff made for Gooey Cube

Posted on September 04, 2019 by Debbie Burns | 0 Comments

I was excited when Kim AKA Alphinius Goo from the new game company Gooey Cube contacted me about making them a special Dragon Claw light up staff!

If you want to know more about the talented people behind Gooey Cube you can find them here...


Instagram: gooeycube


See the video below for a more detailed look at this staff.

League of Legends Lulu Staff created for Riot Games

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I was commissioned by the creators of League of Legends to create a real Lulu staff. Check it out at the NACC 2015 conference.  



Journey's End Staff seen on Conan

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 Check out the awesome costume Matt made for Blizzcon. It was a lot of fun making the Journey's End staff to accent his game character, and it was also featured on the late show Conan as seen in the video below.




Staff of Ages made for the upcoming game Shadowgate

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Kurth Works | 0 Comments

I was contacted by some very cool video game developers, Dave Marsh and Karl Roelofs of, about creating a special staff for their up coming game SHADOWGATE. Taking inspiration from master artist Chris Cold, I made this mini staff for their kickstarter campaign. You can attain this and other amazing gifts by checking out their kickstarter site and making a pledge. You can find it at and if you want to see more amazing art by Chris Cold, check out his page at



This is the Miniature 18" Staff Of Ages that went out to everyone that pledge $500+

New York Times Best Selling Author Tad Williams holding Weather Mage Staff

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This staff was made for master photographer Lauren Zurchin. She has created a wonderful calendar for First Book, a reading charity for children. This image is of New York Times best selling fantasy author Tad Williams I was happy to loan her a staff for his brilliant Weather Mage character. I think Lauren and Tad did an amazing job and you can support and see more of the calendar at


Here is a close up look at the Weather Mage Staff



Teller Of Tales A Fib Fit for a King Fan Trailer

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Here you can see both the LitGod staff and the Whisp Wand together in this really cool fan trailer of Teller Of Tales: A Fib Fit For A King made by writer and director Woody Lindsey.

Teller Of Tales Fan Trailer With Credits! from Woody Lindsey on Vimeo.

LitGod "the Majestic" Magician Playing Cards

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Here are the two LitGod "the Majestic" Magician playing cards. Art by Francisco Etchart