Abaris Senior Society Custom Apollo Fire Staffs

This is a very special project I've been working on based on a concept from the Abaris Senior Society at Dartmouth University. I worked closely with their President Will Belmont in making custom canes for their graduation ceremony. I'm excited to say that I am again working on this project with their new President Maya Velez. 

To honor their tradition I took their design and created this intricate cane. Here you see a ring pierced by two arrows, with flames gathering all around. The center piece is their Society symbol, making this a true custom item.

The story behind Abaris, the namesake of their society, is that he was a priest of Apollo and his powers of healing and prophecy come from a gift from Apollo — a golden arrow. 

The arrow top piece was 3D printed by https://c3dconcepts.com/

33 canes are were made, and 34 will be made for this year's graduation. 

The video below shows the digital concept before it was made. 



Type: Staff




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