Eagle's Reach Magic Crystal Wizard Staff

Please note this staff has been sold and is not for sale. Please check the Staff's page for Staffs that are currently in stock.

Branched from High, the Eagles Soar, gaining Tower among All, seizing Masters of flight Core. Panning among Eves, the Eagles release, to the Staff of thine Reach, among Fliers of East. Take Now Your Staff in Groom, and Branch the Eagle's Power, for this Day is of Destiny, to the Stand of thine Hour.

This is a Very Special Staff, and is a One Of A Kind. Hand Carved Wizard Staff with High Quality Quartz Crystal. Has an artificial sinew wrapping with brass pins, and a faux suede grip, all cruelty free.

Measures 65" Long with a nice crooked shaft.

Shipping & Handling is $70 in US due to the shape of this staff.


Type: Staff




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