3. Pick One Magic Wizard Crystal Quartz Amethyst Point Birch Wand

Please note, you only receive one wand of your choosing for each order. Some wands have different prices between $24 and $44. Below is the information for each wand.

Also note, I'm fairly slow at getting items out and answering emails. I wait until I have a bulk of orders and then send them all out at once. So please keep this in mind when waiting for your new wand. I promise its worth the wait for a special wand that I put personal care into.

They are all hand carved and made of either Birch or Padouk wood. They have a nice rough texture and you will receive the magic wand from the image. If you want me to make you a custom wand like this, just let me know what you want. Contact me at info@kurthworks.com

1. 12 1/4" with 3 3/8" Quartz Point, made of Birch wood. $34 Out of Stock

2. 11 1/2" with 2 1/2" Quartz Point. The point has a natural chip in it, which I think gives it character. Its made of Birch wood. $24 Out of Stock

3. 11 3/4" with 3" Amethyst Point, made of Padouk hardwood. $44 Out of Stock

4. 11 3/4" with 3 1/4" Quartz Point, made of Birch wood. $34 Out of Stock

Type: Wand




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