1. Mystical Realm Crystal Wizard Magic Spiraled Staff

A message from Kurth:

I specialize in customization. If the price is high, reach out to me at kurthworks@gmail.com and I can reduce it by simplifying the design. I can also enhance your staff with additional details, such as adding roots. If you prefer a different crystal, let me know, and I'll find it for you or use your own stone.

The pictured crystal sphere is 80mm (3" wide), and eBay is a great place to find quality crystals.

Buyers outside the US, please contact me before purchasing to determine shipping costs. kurthworks@gmail.com


Here we have a Mystical Realm staff at 72" (customizable), with an 80mm crystal ball, on a wooden birch shaft. Let me know what color sphere you would like with your staff. kurthworks@gmail.com




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