2. Sentient Moon Crescent Wizard Crystal Magic Staff

I recently made this staff but I haven't uploading the images yet. Let me know if you want to see the pics. kurthworks@gmail.com

This is a digital sculpt that is highly accurate to what your actual staff will look like. Once this staff has been ordered, I will do a few more hours of detail work. The painting may be different so we can discuss it through email. I can also add a textured bark shaft for an extra $70. 

A word from Kurth:

Please note, I am all about customizing. If this staff doesn't have enough detail for you, we can add a lot of cool items to it for an extra cost. For example, I can add roots going down the shaft.  If you want a different crystal, just let me know and I'll find one for you, or you can send me your stone by mail. The crystal sphere in the image is 40mm, that is about 1 1/2" wide. Ebay is one of the best places to find a nice crystal. Contact me at customs@kurthworks.com. If you contact me and I don't respond, please check your spam folder. 

Buyers outside the US, please contact me before purchasing to determine shipping costs. kurthworks@gmail.com


Here we have a Crescent Moon staff with a wooden pine shaft at 72" (customizable), digitally hand sculpted by Kurth, with a 40mm Crystal Sphere. The smaller crystal is 15mm, but all of this is customizable if you have a certain crystal you want to use. Check the second image for scale comparison to an adult male that is 6' tall. Again this is customizable. 

Type: Staff




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