Custom Items


Pick any staff or wand image you can find online and I can make it for you out of resin, plastic,  or metals. Metals include gold plated, silver, bronze, steel and brass. 

To see some of the wands and staffs I have made in the past you can click on Sold Items above.

I have also uploaded over 00 Wizard Magic Staff images from my collection to Pinterest that you can use for inspiration. Pinterest


If you can't find something but have a design in mind, you can email me at with your description and I will make a 3D model of your idea. Each design costs $14, as this can take me over an hour to finish.


Welcome to Your World. A World where You will Discover a Wand or Staff based on Your Desires, and Your Imaginations. You can also receive a Graphic Representation of Your Item and We can work with that until it Perfectly Matches Your Visions. Your Wand or Staff can be Customized all the way down to Every Single Curve and Texture.
Most People like to Draw out a Picture of Their Perfect Wand or Staff. You can Certainly Ask Me to do this step for You. You can also describe Your Item in Great Detail to Me through Email. You are not limited to any of the Designs on this Site, as You Can use Any Wand or Staff that You have Ever Seen to Create Your Item. When You're finished, just take a Snap Shot of the Design and Send it to Me. Don't worry about how it looks, as I will Recreate it until You Say its Perfect.
I Really Love a Challenge, and have the Most Fun Creating Magical Items that are Very Special and Unique to My Friends. So Please, Contact me at with Your Own Ideas, and I will be Delighted to have Your Request at the Center of My Attention. I Look Forward to Speaking with You. Good Day