Abaris Senior Society Custom Apollo Fire Staff


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This is a very special project I've been working on based on a concept from the Abaris Senior Society at Dartmouth University. I've been working closely with their President Will Belmont in making custom canes for their up coming graduation ceremony. So to honor their tradition I've taken their design and created this intricate cane. Here you see a ring pierced by two arrows, with flames gathering all around. The center piece is their Society symbol, making this a true custom item.

The story behind Abaris, the namesake of their society, is that he was a priest of Apollo and his powers of healing and prophecy come from a gift from Apollo — a golden arrow. 

The arrow top piece was 3D printed by https://c3dconcepts.com/

33 canes will be made. 

The video below shows the digital concept before it was made. 



Type: Staff


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