Kingdom's Moon Wizard Magic Crystal Staff

Please note this staff has been sold and is not for sale. Please check the Staff's page for Items that are currently in stock.

Sewn in Neptune's wave of wisdom, dashing delight sounds of memory prisms, comes forth the dyer of breaths last forebode, and passion the lips of Enternia, with the gallops of wayward stones. Moon bask in the sea, of Enternia's power, waving thine wand into thine staff of this hour. To the moon we seek notations, of galactica reason, for this staff of thine Elders, seeks peak among season. Behold the Kingdom's Moon, basking upon the rays of midnight sun, gaining truth among mortals, for the ever changing battle has its foremost width, commanding by thine wizardry war, the canines sought to gift. So to this world we besiege the rain, come forth among followers and take the same. Channeling with might, forever this Wayland night, come with thee, the tree of forest, and bring with you the Kingdom's Moon, starred among the cradled shaft, for moon lit gold, it stands in thine hold, a mysteries fever, of the midnight shore. Behold, the Kingdom's Moon, Searing Crystal Staff.

Made of Water Oak Wood and Measures 64 1/2" which can be shortened at your request. This Staff has a Real Rainbow Quartz Crystal Sphere and is a One of a Kind. It also has a slight curve in the shaft so let me know if you need to see a picture of the entire staff.

Shipping is $60 in US. Internatinoal buyers email me for a quote.


Type: Staff


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