Kraken's Fang Wizard Magic Crystal Staff

Water to dragon to Kraken it climbs, to the depths of thine ocean it bellows in grime. To the sea it knows as the day light rains, upon it's carriage of coast and main. Bask light in quartz as staff forwards the Kraken, and haste it's fortune among the starved attacking. Be true to thine creature as you know him well, from this Staff of thine ages he'll find where you dwell.

Here we have a One Of A Kind Kraken's Fang Wizard Crystal Quartz Staff. Hand Carved of Water Oak and measures 72" tall, which can be shorten at your request. This staff is also very light weight at 2 lbs. Because this staff requires a large box, shipping is $124.00 for UPS Ground. Please contact me for international shipping costs.

Type: Staff


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