Reaper's Touch Crystal Wizard Magic Wand

Reap the age that settled in moon, to the light sky banished, the daylight in tune. Gust back with horde and winter prevailed, as the Night King passes lightly, but forth coming he sailed. Touch the ordered presence, once and once and through, for the casters touch power of endless vein less hue. The only of only's comes hither this night, as bigons and whale figure fortunes to smite.


Here will have the Reaper's Touch wand. The story goes as follows. As the Reaper uses his wand, he only holds one section of the handle. This is because his touch is so corrosive and toxic. This keeps the wand alive longer and able to be used as his life forced apparatus. In the image you can see this sacred spot, at the top of the handle is slithers and rots.


This wand measures 17" and is made of Rare and Exotic Surina Wood. You can choose your own 20 or 30mm crystal sphere. The one in the image is Tiger's Eye. Contact me at to talk about your crystal.

Type: Staff


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