Walking Forest Wizard Magic Wands

Please Note you only receive one wand.

One of my favorite things to do is discover a wand hidden deep in the woods. Its almost as if Nature itself is highlighting it so I can send it home to you. With just a carving knife in my hand, the resulting collaboration with nature supplies us with the Walking Forest Wands.  Please note, sometimes I find a limb, and can't identify the tree it came from, so I label this as Forest Wood.

As with all my items, I try to keep with the essence of the forest as much as possible. So you won't find any shiny hand polished furniture here. There may even be a fuzzy or two on your wand, which is what I strive for, making hand carved items that look as though you picked them off the forest floor. You may even want me to leave the bark on the handle.

Its important to remember each wand is a One Of A Kind. If you just place an order, you'll receive a random wand from this collection. I won't send you a small wand unless you request it. So be sure to contact me and let me know what you want.

The length ranges from around 12" to around 25". Again I won't send you a small wand unless you request it. Also I tend to make the points sharp, so please let me know if this is for a child. I can always dull the ends of each point.

Web site and store owners, if you would like to buy these in bulk, contact me and I can give you a good deal info@kurthworks.com

Type: Wand


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