Chronos Wizard Magic Wand

Crowned by might within solace and moon, comes the developer of all God baring Mothers of womb. Made free with Elden Stone and Wand laid in mights hand, bringing casters of light among the men and women of the land. Now breaking free the days of never and before, as this moment gives life to the Wand at its binding core. And as shattered motions of solitude breathe a daylights rain, Chronos, God of Ages unites the Titan's once again. Cast now your spells of here and there, with tales of forgotten days in veil and air, and take up thine Ancient Wand of Old, bringing life to this corner of famed Goddesses and gold.

Here we have a special magic wand inspired by the the Titan God Chronos. Made from solid Maple, and carved in the medieval styles of old, this wand bring forth the omen and power of a true begotten ruler.

Wand measures 19" and is needle sharp, which can be dulled.


Type: Wand




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