Dracken Crown Crystal Wizard Magic Staff

Crowned from thorn and winter's blight, thine Dracken of old gives sight to might. From powers so fierce the daylight rains, down the ocean wells of dragon's last chains. Come forth thine Wizard with crowned stave in hand, haste now the coming mortal infinity, burning sound in lost lit sand. Take up this infant cause, this trail of sage's blood, and steal the night thunder with blood shackles undone. From force among foot, to the crystal crown it shook, with blasts of outer energy, releasing dracken's soul from ages book. Its now the forth end, of the rein of thine minion, for the Wizard's last hope, has risen from death's prison.

This is a One of a Kind Hand Carved Wizard Staff. It also has a Real Clear Quartz Crystal. Fully carved from the top to the very bottom, and signed in fire by Kurth. You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Made of Water Oak Wood and Measures 72", which can be customized.


Type: Staff




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