Dragon Scales Spiraled Magic Wand

Each line you see in the handle and shaft was slowly hand carved, and so this is a very rare item. Thousands of marks come together in unison to form the intricate details you see before you. The spiral is so detailed that no one could ever recreate it exactly, so in that regard it is a one of a kind.

This Real Mystical Wand brings forth the Enchanting Fierceness of the Magical Mind. Notice the Amazingly Detailed Spiral, flowing through the Elden Shaft, bringing Ancient Wisdom to it's Magical Core. And the Hand Carved Dragon Scale Handle, Gleaming a Roar of Fearless Power, Omen and Order. And the 14mm Professional Hand Painted Glass Dragon's Eye, casting a Glaze of Magical Glare. A true Work of Wonder.

It measures a Long 15 1/2"

You will receive the actual Wand from the images.


Type: Wand




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