Elder's Frost Wizard Magic Wand

From Night and Rain the Elder's Merge, Gathering thine Courses of Riddled Bites Impured. Nestled among Thieves the Day Light wanders, bringing Sight to Frozen Patters that Bewailed the Day Light Chatters. Go forth and find One, that Canes these Hills of Old, the Elder of Magic, the Colder of Souls. The Frozen Fired Mentions be Cure the Dowsed Wasteland, and bring Peace to the Inward Valley, with Sword and Wand Alike.

Here you have the Elder's Frost Wand, designed in an almost Viking type form, Casting a Glaze of Frozen Wonder to the Barer of its Core.

Wand measures 15" and is made of Rare Surina Wood from India.


Type: Wand




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